Xotik Tables Services

XotikPlay is the first to offer over 1,000 different textures and finishes available to customize almost every new or even used pool tables and really create that WOW factor that has never before been possible, custom wrapped tables for a promotional event or marketing material to really attract customers and build your business at clubs, parties, events, bars music videos, movies and more. Some upgrades are available for currently existing pool tables, including but not limited to:

Bluetooth sound system w/wireless microphone

Custom LED lighting, black light, accents

Promotional, marketing, event rentals

Specialized cloth brands, colors, designs

Stone, tile, marble, mosaic, waterfalls, zen style

Hand painted airbrushed artwork and custom designs from @Paintzoo

Carbon fiber raw, finished, glow in the dark, and brand new leather 2×2 twill 660gsm

Any carbon fiber package comes with the deluxe accessory kit including 4, McDermott Star Series S2 carbon fiber pool cues

Much, much more!


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